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Ibaneo offers today the most advantageous package on the market, with clear and transparent rates for any type of company, whether it is already in activity or in its creation stage.

Incoming transfer
0,95 %
  • Additional SEPA debit transfer
    0.50€ / transaction
Monthly account maintenance fee
  • IBAN
  • Constituent capital deposit (coming soon)
  • Real time management
  • iOS and Android apps (coming soon)
Irregularities management
  • Non-compliant operations
    150 € per operation


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No. IBANEO operates under prudential regulations of payment institutions, and its services are therefore entirely supervised by competent authorities. An IBANEO account enables to carry out all types of day-to-day transactions such as payment transfers or credit card payments, but unlike a traditional bank account, the former cannot be overdrawn.
Absolutely. Your money is maintained under the highest standards of security in an account to which you alone have access. Moreover, IBANEO offers a service that relies on robust security protocols: encrypted HTTPS protocol, 2048-bit SSL certificate with TLS encryption, ECDSA with P-256 and SHA-256 algorithms).
Opening an IBANEO account is a simple process done directly online and in a matter of minutes. No more useless paperwork and endless mail exchanges: your login details and your IBAN are forwarded to you immediately after finalizing and validating your registration.
You are free to choose whether you wish to use IBANEO as your main account or as an additional account. Your IBANEO account offers an alternative solution that gives you access to the same tools and services available with any traditional online bank but without the usual administrative burdens, giving you a comprehensive picture of your daily workflow.

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