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Next-generation security

IBANEO offers a service that relies on a robust security system: all communication is HTTPS-encrypted (TLS 1.2 encryption protocol), PCI DSS 3.2 high availability data servers.

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Virtual Payment

Benefit from a VAD-free merchant account with a multi-platform payment gateway. Accept all bank card payments or alternative payments on your website.

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Simplified account opening

Online registration for all types of businesses, whether they are already active or in their setup process.


No subscription

Unlike most of our competitors, IBANEO offers you to open an account free of charge, WITHOUT fees, WITHOUT monthly subscriptions.

  • The first 10 transactions are free in the SEPA zone
  • Instant account opening
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Fast and Easy

An Ibaneo bank account can be opened in a few clicks and is intended for companies of all sizes and all legal forms.

The first step in the account opening process is to complete the opening form. You have several options to choose from:

  • Fill out the form directly on the website
  • Upload documents
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Service Pay

With Service Pay, issue and collect all your payments online AND accept payments on your webshop in all simplicity with the payment method of your choice: credit card, bank transfer, or any other alternative payment method

  • Open a merchant account without a VAD contract
  • Cash in all credit card payments
  • Collection solution for your bills
  • Generate a payment link by email

Our solutions for the daily management of your finances

Ibaneo offers you a range of tools designed to facilitate your business

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What our customers say


Highly user-friendly interface!

Thibaut Dumontet

IBANEO is by far the easiest online banking platform to use, especially for someone like me who is passionate about digital agencies

Raphaelle Jonas

My account manager is highly professional and always available for me, which is quite unique

Charles Daudet

A piece of cake, opening and using an account has never been easier.

Vanessa Favre

A genuine online bank open 24/7

Julien Haroun

At first I was worried, yet another online bank, but its ease of use blew my mind

Harry Stein

Your account

The application process for opening an account takes about 5 minutes for a business account. Once we have received all your documents via our website, we will be able to send you your IBAN instantly.

Data protection

Rest assured that your request and any information you provide to us is treated confidentially and hosted on our secure server.

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