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Creation of Ibaneo

In this day and age, one would have to be stranded on a desert island not to notice that the world is changing at lightning speed! The pace of technological innovation alone is enough to boost organizational transformation: the development of increasingly efficient tools is driving organizations towards change, namely towards the implementation of such tools.

In the face of increasingly tough and competitive markets, along with over-targeted customers who shun traditional business approaches, it had become essential to adopt new and more effective strategies.

The old-school banking era has come to an end. We are the generation of technology, and as such, each and every one of us should benefit from it. When used shrewdly, technology becomes both a prized ally and the fuel that will enable us to achieve the goals we set for ourselves in all our endeavors.

Transparent fees

No hidden fees, no subscription fees, no movement fees!

Payment tools

Available soon

Payment collection technology

After opening an account, you will have access to technology enabling to cash in card payments from your customers directly through your site or through payment links

Short-term financing technology

Available soon

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Ibaneo, an innovative online banking solution!

The service we are offering genuinely measures up to what you deserve: no more endless waiting, no more tedious bank teller windows, no more useless paperwork...

  • Ease of use

    A user-friendly platform for optimal browsing and use

  • Immediate account opening

    Open your Ibaneo bank account in a few clicks! It is designed and intended for companies of any size and legal form.

  • 7/7 Customer service

    Are you encountering a technical problem? Do you have a question? Our team is here to assist you

Your day-to-day management

Ibaneo puts at your disposal real management tools specially designed and created for you and your company.

Register online now: our platform is designed for any company (active or in the process of creation) of any size and any legal form.

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